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What is BUILD Finance?

BUILD Finance is a decentralized venture builder owned and controlled by the community.

Venture builders are organizations dedicated to systematically producing new companies, which they help grow and succeed. There are five core activities in which venture builders engage: identifying business ideas, building teams, finding capital, helping govern or manage the ventures and providing shared services

What are the goals of BUILD Finance?

BUILD Finance aims to create multiple community-owned DeFi products. BUILD token is planned to be used as the only governance token of each product and the holders will have a claim over the revenue generated by those products.

Was there a pre-sale?

No. BUILD token has been "fair-launched" with a 7-day farming program where everyone had to farm the tokens and had zero founder allocation.

How do you plan to fund the development?

In an early stage, the development will be funded by an allocation of BUILD tokens for development expenses. After the first product is built, we may either use the revenue generated from it for funding other products or a combination of revenue + a smaller token allocation. This will be up to the community to decide.

Why is the total supply 130,000?

BUILD has been "fair-launched" with zero founder allocation. The community has decided to allocate 15k tokens to the development expenses and 15k tokens to the founder (@0xdev0) who will build the first product. Community-approved 15k founder allocation will be vested for 1 year. The remaining 15k will be deposited into the time-locked wallet with 2-delay delay on any spending.

Is the 130,000 a final supply?

No. But it will only be minted with community voting and for specific reasons. And only if it's expected that the additional minting will increase the overall market cap (price per token).

For example, we may mint additional tokens to incentivize usage of our products which would in turn increase our revenue, TVL and therefore also increase the price per token. So even when the total supply will increase, if the price per token becomes higher, this could be a gain for the current holders, not a loss.

Obviously, nobody likes to get diluted for no reason and the community will only approve more minting if everyone agrees on it.